Fire Brick

Flue Liners
Superior Clay manufactures a complete line of vitrified clay flue liners from 3" to 36" diameters in round flue liners and from 4" x 8" to 24" x 24" in square and rectangular flue liners. Socket type joints and self aligning joints are available in round flue liners. Superior Clay manufactures flue with holes, contoured flue rings, and flue tees. Flue rings are available in lengths from 4" to 18".
Chimney Pots
Wether you aspire to recreate the free of the Victorian era or want to finish your chimney with the clean, simple lines of a classic chimney pot, Superior Clay can help. With more than 60 standard styles to choose from, and a variety of ways to customize your chimney pot, we can help you find the look that's just right for your home.
Wine Storage Tiles
Storing wine in Terra Cotta Tiles is the preferred method for serious collectors. Terra Cotta Tiles, with their unique physical properties, have been used to safely store valuable collections for centuries. Terra Cotta Tiles are right at home in the cool, humid environment of the wine cellar. They never rot or deteriorate. The thermal mass of the tiles help maintain ideal temperature and humidity by reducing fluctuations. And infinite flexibility combined with their natural beauty make them the perfect choice for collections of all sizes. Available in round, hexagonal, or octagonal outer shape as well as two or four bottle units, you can use Terra Cotta Wine Storage Tiles to display and store your favorite vintages.
Masonry Ovens
Masonry Ovens have been built in American homes since the first colonists landed here. Oven traditions date back much farther - to at least Roman times. Now you can have an authentic brick oven in your home or backyard.

Superior Clay makes components and provides plans and instructions for building these traditional masonry ovens. Bread and pizza baking purists know that there is no substitute for these ovens made of brick.
"Better Brick
     Builds Better Buildings"