Limestone & Bluestone

Indiana Limestone is a natural product formed some 300 million years ago in the shallow seas that covered southern Indiana. This Mississippian-age grainstone has a very uniform texture and grade, and it has gained world-wide acceptance as a premier dimension stone. Indiana Limestone weathers naturally over time and the stone's color mellows and lends into a pleasing natural patina. With no artificial coloring agents to fade and no reinforcement rods to rust, the appearance of Indiana Limestone actually improves with age.

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Pennsylvania Bluestone is a layered sandstone found only in the northeastern tier of Pennsylvania and the southern tier of New York. Pennsylvania Bluestone has many uses, from cut dimensional stone used in patios, walkways, and stair treads to architectural stone used in buildings. It is also used for wall stone, decorative boulders, natural steps and other landscape features. Pennsylvania Bluestone gets its name predominantly due to the blue color of the stone and because a majority of the stone is quarried in Pennsylvania.

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